All genres of Black music


Program Name Description Schedule
Blax Radio Daily Mix

Golden Age Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae and Rap in the mix.

Genres: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Reggae

Daily M-F 6am-5pm pacific/9a-8pm eastern
Project Sound Hip Hop

Dj Rage, Dj Manga, DJ CLG. Uncensored Hip Hop, Underground, Golden Age, and New Hip Hop.

Genres:Hip Hop, Underground Rap, Golden Age Hip Hop, Comedy.

Monday - Saturday Nights 5pm-Midnight pacific/ 8pm-3am eastern
Funked Out Fridaze

DJ CLG. Classic Funk, Funked Out Hip Hop, and Funk inspired Music. Nothing But the Funk.

Genres: Funk, Soul, Hip Hop.

Fridays 6am-5pm pacific/ 9am-8pm eastern
Soul Music Preservation Society

DJ Manga. Preserve your Soul with a blend of classic, old school, and neo-soul.

Genres: Soul Music.

Sunday Mornings 6am-11am pacific/ 9am-1pm eastern.
Da Struggle Continues

DJ Rage. Conscious Music Party. Hip Hop, Spoken word, Jazz, Soul, Reggae. Music with a message.

Genres:Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Jazz, Soul, Reggae.

Saturdays 6am-5pm/ 9am-8pm eastern
Roots Rap Reggae Show

DJ Rage. A mix of Roots Reggae, Dancehall, and Rap.

Genres: Roots Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop.

Sundays 11am-5pm pacific/ 1pm-8pm eastern.


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